UV Conference Scientific Program

UV Conference Scientific Program


      Day                       Chair                                                             Session

   Tuesday        J. Gröbner/ E. Rozanov             1   UV Climatology and trends                        

                        R. McKenzie/ M. Blumthaler       2   Development of Instruments measuring      

                                                                            solar UV radiation


Wednesday      G. Seckmeyer/ G. Bernhard       3   Case Studies (factors affecting UV Radiation

                        J. Kaurola                                 4   Climate change and UV radiation               

                        B. Kjeldstad                             5   UV Effects on Humans and the Biosphere  


   Thursday        N. Krotkov/ J. Lenoble               6   Modelling of surface UV radiation               

                        B. Mayer                                  7   Satellite retrieved surface UV radiation       

                        P. Köpke                                  8   UV reconstruction techniques                    

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A color copy of the proceedings ("One Century of UV Radiation Research", 16MB) is available here.


The oral presentations are now available. Please go to http://www.pmodwrc.ch/uvconf2007/presentations/.
The access requires a username and password which has been sent to all UV conference participants.

Monday, September 17, 2007

    17:30 -     Opening Reception in the foyer Aspen of the Conference Centre

                   Participant registration

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

      8:00       Participant registration

      8:45       Welcome                                  Werner Schmutz, PMOD/WRC

      8:55       Information                               Julian Gröbner, PMOD/WRC

Session 1    J. Gröbner                               UV Climatology and trends

      9:00       R. McKenzie                             1-1     Invited Talk, UV Radiation Climatology and trends
(page 13)

      9:30       P.N. den Outer                          1-2     UV-history in Europe: A comparison of UV-Reconstruction Models (page 15)

      9:50       N. Chubarova                           1-3     UV variability in Moscow according to long-term UV measurements and reconstruction model. (page 17)

    10:10       J. Kaurola                                 1-4     Estimated changes in surface UV over the last 4 decades using ERA-40 data (page 19)

    10:30       Refreshment break / Poster installation

Session 1    E. Rozanov                              UV Climatology and trends

    11:00       M. de P. Corrêa                        1-5     Ultraviolet Index measurements in one of the most populous cities of the world: São Paulo City, Brazil
(page 21)

    11:00       G. Seckmeyer                           1-5     Is it possible to derive trends in the UV reliably?
(page 23)

    11:20       Poster Installation                                

    11:40       Lunch Break / Poster Session 1,2


    14:00       C. Fröhlich                                Invited Talk, A personal perspective on 100 years of UV Research at PMOD new

Session 2    R. McKenzie                            Development of Instruments measuring solar UV radiation

    15:00       G. Bernhard                              2-1     Invited Talk, Instrumental and Methodological Developments in UV Research (page 39)

    15:30       S. Wuttke                                 2-2     A new UV spectroradiometer operating at the Arctic primary NDACC site of Ny Ålesund, Svalbard (page 41)

    15:50       Refreshment break

Session 2    M. Blumthaler                          Development of Instruments measuring solar UV radiation

    16:20       J. Gröbner                                2-3     The European UV Calibration Center at PMOD/WRC

    16:40       B. Johnsen                               2-4     Homogenized calibration scales for multiband filter radiometers (page 45)

    17:00       P.W. Schouten                          2-5     Application of Poly (2,6-dimethyl-1, 4-phenylene oxide) Film for the Long –Term Measurement of Underwater Solar UVB (page 47)

    17:20       M. Schwarzmann                      2-6     Measured distribution of polarization of sky radiance (page 49)

    17:40       End of Session

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Session 3    G. Seckmeyer                          Case studies (factors affecting UV radiation)

      8:30       A. Bais                                     3-1     Invited Talk, Case studies (factors affecting UV radiation) (page 65)

      9:00       A. Bagheri                                3-2     Spectral direct solar UV irradiance measurements in Trondheim (Norway). Retrieval of aerosol optical depth and aerosol size distribution in subarctic coastal region (page 67)

      9:20       A. Pietruczuk                            3-3     Variability of Aerosols Forcing on the Surface UV Radiation, Analysis of the Data Taken at Belsk, Poland, in Spring 2007 (page 69)

      9:40       A.V. Parisi                                3-4     Short wavelength cut-offs and maximum spectral irradiance wavelengths comparisons of the spectra for erythema and pre-vitamin D3 synthesis (page 71)

    10:00       Refreshment break

Session 3    G. Bernhard                             Case studies (factors affecting UV radiation)

    10:30       M. Blumthaler                           3-5     The SCOUT UV-aerosol campaign 2006 (page 73)

    10:50       C. A. Gueymard                        3-6     Effect of Opaque and Thin Clouds on Broadband UVB Irradiance Using One-Minute Multi-Sensor and Objective Cloud Cover Measurements (page 75)

    11:10       J. Lenoble                                3-7     Measurements of UV aerosol optical depth in the French Southern Alps (page 77)

    11:30       A. Kreuter                                 3-8     UV Actinic Flux in Mountainous Areas (page 79)

    11:50       S. Thiel                                  3-9     Influence of clouds on the spectral actinic flux in the lower troposphere

    12:10       Lunch Break / Poster Session 3, 4, 5

Session 4    J. Kaurola                                Climate change and UV radiation

    14:00       J. D. Haigh                               4-1     Invited Talk, Solar UV variability and stratosphere-troposphere coupling (page 113)

    14:30       A. Bais                                     4-2     Clear sky UV simulations in the 21st century based on CCM predictions (page 115)

    14:50       E. Rozanov                               4-3     The influence of the UV solar irradiance variability on ozone and climate during the first half of the 20th century (page 117)

Session 5    B. Kjeldstad                             UV Effects on Humans and the Biosphere

    15:10       O. Engelsen                              5-1     The relationship between UV exposure and vitamin D status (page 123)

    15:30       L. T. Nilsen                               5-2     Estimated UV doses to psoriasis patients during climate therapy at Gran Canaria in March 2006 (page 125)

    15:50       Refreshment break

Session 5    B. Kjeldstad                             UV Effects on Humans and the Biosphere

    16:10       P. Knuschke                             5-3     “Baseline-Reference of solar UV-Exposures” to assess individual UV exposure levels in the population
(page 127)

    16:30       A. M. Siani                                5-4     UV exposure on ski-field at an Alpine site (page 129)

    16:50       R. Kift                                      5-5     Accurate calibration of a Phillips HB598 Sunbed to give consistent UV doses to study volunteers. (page 131)

    17:10       D. Grifoni                                  5-6     UV and PAR regime in vineyards of Tuscany (page 133)

    17:30       A. Albert                                   5-7     Biological Dose Functions of Plants in the UV-B and UV-A range Determined from Experiments in a Sun Simulator (page 135)

    17:50       End of Session

    19:30       Evening Dinner at Hotel Belvedere

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Session 6    N. Krotkov                               Modelling of surface UV radiation

      8:30       B. Mayer                                  6-1     Invited Talk, Modelling of Surface UV Radiation
(page 147)

      9:00       P. Köpke                                  6-2     UVI on arbitrarily oriented surfaces: Effects of sky line and shadow (page 149)

      9:20       J. Michalsky                             6-3     Comparison of UV-RSS Spectral Measurements and TUV Model Runs during the May 2003 ARM Aerosol Intensive Observation Period (page 151)

      9:40       P. Weihs                                  6-4     First case studies of 3-D-Monte-Carlo radiative transfer calculations in mountainous terrain in the UV wavelength range (page 153)

    10:00       Refreshment break

Session 6    J. Lenoble                               Modelling of surface UV radiation

    10:30       N. Downs                                 6-5     Patterns in Surface Distribution of Human Exposure to Solar Ultraviolet (page 155)

    10:50       T. Kawanishi                             6-6     UV Shade Chart (page 157)

    11:10       A. Arola                                    6-7     UV monitoring and forecasting capabilities developed within the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System
(page 159)

Session 7    B. Mayer                                  Satellite retrieved surface UV radiation

    11:30       P. K. Barthia                             7-1     Invited Talk, Satellite Retrieved Surface UV radiation (page 173)

    12:00       Lunch Break / Poster Session 6, 7, 8

Session 7    B. Mayer                                  Satellite retrieved surface UV radiation

    14:00       M. van Weele                           7-2     Spaceborne surface UV radiation products as available from TEMIS (page 175)

    14:20       B. Schallhart                             7-3     UV-Index map of Austria (page 177) 

    14:40       V. Buchard                               7-4     Comparisons between ground-based and satellite retrievals in the UV range (page 179)


Session 8    P. Köpke                                 UV Reconstruction techniques

    15:00       A. Lindfors                                8-1     Invited Talk, UV Reconstruction Techniques (page 197)

    15:30       J. A. Olseth                              8-2     UV radiation in Norway: Measurements, reconstructions, and applications (page 199)

    15:50       Refreshment break

Session 8    P. Köpke                                 UV Reconstruction techniques

    16:20       J. Verdebout                             8-3     Erythemal monthly radiation maps over Europe by spatial interpolation of station data (page 201)

    16:40       H. Staiger                                 8-4     Hourly Resolved Cloud Modification Factors in the Ultraviolet (page 203)

    17:00       U. Feister                                 8-5     Reconstruction of past UV irradiation at European sites using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models (page 205)

    17:20       W. Schmutz                              Closing words

    17:30       End of Session/ End of Conference

UV Conference Scientific Program – Posters


Session 1                                 UV Climatology and trends

1.       Bi-Polar UV activities at Finnish Meteorological Institute (page 25)
K. Lakkala, O. Meinander, A. Karpechko, J. Kaurola, R. Kivi and E. Kyrö, C. Torres, A. Redondas, R. Garcia and E. Cuevas, H. Ochoa, G. Deferrari

2.       Variability in spectral UV irradiance at seven European stations (page 27)
A. F. Bais, S. Kazadzis, C. Meleti, N. Kouremeti, J. Kaurola, K. Lakkala, H. Slaper, P.N. den Outer, W. Josefsson, U. Feister, M. Janouch

3.       Ozone and spectral UV measurements in Austria during 1994–2006: Climatology and investigations of long- and short-term changes (page 29)
S. Simic, P. Weihs, A. Vacek, H. Kromp-Kolb, and M. Fitzka

4.       Comparison of UV climates at Summit, Greenland; Barrow, Alaska; and South Pole Station, Antarctica (page 31)
Germar Bernhard, Charles R. Booth, James C. Ehramjian, and Vi Quang

5.       COST 726: Long term changes and climatology of UV radiation over Europe (page 33)
Z. Lytinska, H. De Backer, P. Koepke, A.W. Schmalwieser, J. Gröbner

6.       Solar erythemal UV-radiation climate over Slovakia (page 35)
A. Pribullova, M. Chmelik

7.       Direct-to-diffuse UV solar irradiance ratio for a UV rotating shadowband spectroradiometer (UV-RSS) and a UV multi-filter rotating shadowband radiometer (UV-MFRSR) (page 43)
K. Lantz, P. Disterhoft, P. Kiedron, and J. Slusser

Session 2                                 Development of Instruments measuring solar UV radiation

9.       An applicability of the UVA-1 YES to the continuation of long-term monitoring of UV irradiance 300-380nm in Moscow (page 51)
Ye.I.Nezval’, and N.Ye. Chubarova

8.       Development of a Long Term Solar UVA Dosimeter (page 53)
D.J. Turnbull and P.W. Schouten

10.       A CCD spectrometer for direct solar irradiance and sky radiance measurements (page 55)
N. Kouremeti, A. Bais, S. Kazandzis

11.   Determination of UV-A/UV-B ratios from the automatically recorded global solar ultraviolet spectra (page 57)
K.Eerme, U. Veismann, I. Ansko and S. Lätt

12.   Calibration method for broadband ultraviolet radiometers: Improving solar zenith angle dependence. (page 59)
M. L. Cancillo, A. Serrano, M. Antón, J.A. García, J.M. Vilaplana, V.E. Cachorro

13.   Results from the PMOD/WRC-COST726 broadband intercomparison campaign (page 61)
G. Hülsen and J. Gröbner

14.   Measurement of solar UV radiation at the NDACC primary station Zugspitze
P. Werle, S. Thiel, G. Seckmeyer

Session 3                                 Case Studies (factors affecting UV Radiation

15.   Impact of aerosol particle concentration on UV index prediction (page 81)
A. Cheymol and H. De Backer

16.   SCOUT aerosol campaign: Temporal and spatial variations of aerosols at Thessaloniki, Greece (page 83)
S. Kazadzis, A. Bais, D. Balis, A. Kazantzidis, S. Misios, N. Kouremeti, E. Gianakaki, M. Zebila V. Amiridis, P. Tzoumaka

17.   Comparison between total ozone measurements provided by ozonesondes and satellite measurements and consequences on UV index calculations (page 85)
Marcelo de Paula Corrêa, Rodrigo Augusto, Ferreira de Souza, Plínio Alvalá and Neusa Paes Leme

18.   The aerosol single scattering albedo during the SCOUT-O3 Aerosol-UV radiation campaign (page 87)
A. Kazantzidis, A. Bais, S. Kazadzis, N. Kouremeti, D. Balis, E. Gianakaki, R. Schmidhauser, K. Kelektsoglou, S. Rapsomanikis, R. M. Hu

19.   Changes in surface radiation over Greece caused by the total solar eclipse of 29 March 2006 (page 89)
A. Bais, A. Kazantzidis, S. Kazadzis, N. Kouremeti, M. Blumthaler, B. Schallhart, A. Webb, R. Kift

20.   Study of the variability of the aerosol properties during SCOUT campaign using lidar measurements and in-situ aircraft data (page 91)
D. Balis, and E. Giannakaki, V. Amiridis,  M. Wiegner, K. Kelektsoglou and S. Rapsomanikis

21.   Relationship between ultraviolet solar radiation and total ozone column at Cáceres (Spain) (page 93)
A. Serrano, M. Antón, M.L Cancillo, J.A. García

22.   Airborne measurements of aerosol properties during SCOUT-O3 (page 95)
Thomas Ruhtz, Paul Zieger, Carsten Lindemann and Stefan Stapelberg,  Ann R. Webb and Richard Kift, Matthias Wiegner, Alkis Bais

23.   The SCOUT UV-Aerosol campaign 2006: Vertical distribution of aerosols from airborne lidar measurements (page 97)
Matthias Wiegner, Birgit Heese, Volker Freudenthaler, Dimitris Balis, Thomas Ruhtz, Mario Blumthaler, Rahel Schmidhauser

24.   Aerosol forcing efficiency in the UV region from cloudless irradiance measurements at an urban-marine environment (page 99)
S. Kazadzis, A. Kazantzidis, A. Bais, N. Kouremeti

25.   Towards Closure between Measured and Modelled UV: Three Case Studies (page 101)
Jordi Badosa, J. Calbó and J. A. González, R. L. McKenzie, M. Kotkamp and P. V. Johnston, M. O’Neill, D. J. Anderson

26.   Ground based measurements of scattering and absorption coefficients at Thessaloniki
(page 103)

R. Schmidhauser, E. Weingartner, S. Rapsomanikis, A. Bais

27.   Ten years of UVB Measurements in Colorado and California (page 105)
James Slusser, Xinli Gao, Wei Gao

28.   Sky radiance in Hannover, Germany and Antarctica (page 107)
D. Pissulla, G. Seckmeyer, S. Wuttke

29.   Spring-time snow UV-B albedo measurements in Sodankylä, Finland (page 109)
Meinander Outi, Kontu Anna, Lakkala Kaisa, Heikkilä Anu, Ylianttila Lasse

Session 4                                 Climate change and UV radiation

30.   Variability of surface erythemal irradiance calculated from a Chemistry- Climate Model output (page 119)
K. Tourpali, A. Kazantzidis, A. Bais, M. Koukouli, B. Mayer, P. Jockel

Session 5                                 UV Effects on Humans and the Biosphere

31.   Utilising Shade to Optimize UV Exposure for Vitamin D (page 137)
D.J. Turnbull and A.V. Parisi

32.   Finnish Ultraviolet International Research Center (page 139)
H. Suokanerva, K. Lakkala and E. Kyrö, K. Latola

33.   Ultraviolet Index standardization in South America (page 141)
Marcelo de Paula Corrêa, Genaro Coronel, Marilyn Aparicio Effen, Rubén Piacentini, Juan Carlos Ceballos

34.   Solar UV Radiation Intensity Regarding to the Levels Necessary for Vitamin D Synthesis at Belsk, Poland, 1996-2006 (page 143)
J. Jarosławski, and J. Krzyścin

Session 6                                 Modelling of surface UV radiation

35.   COST-726 Total Ozone Data Base for the Surface UV Radiation Reconstruction over Europe (page 161)
J.W. Krzyścin

36.   Forecast of UV Index with improved ozone prediction and aerosol/cloud modification
(page 163)

Yun Gon Lee, Jhoon Kim, Hi Ku Cho

37.   UV radiation in a mountaineous terrain: comparison of accurate 3D and fast 1D calculations in terms of UV index (page 165)
H. Diémoz, B. Mayer

38.   The influence of extraterrestrial spectrum on the modeled UV irradiance (page 167)
Y. Sola, A. Ortiz and J. Lorente

39.   The FastRT UV simulation tool: recent updates, spin-offs and applications (page 169)
O. Engelsen

Session 7                                 Satellite retrieved surface UV radiation

40.   Surface UV over the Arctic from OMI/MODIS Measurements (page 181)
J.W. Krzyścin and P. S. Sobolewski

41.   PROMOTE UV Record Service (page 183)
A. Tanskanen, A. Lindfors, J. Kaurola

42.   Measurements of UV irradiance within the area of one satellite pixel (page 185)
P. Weihs, S. Simic, W. Laube, M. Blumthaler, A. Kreuter, E. Putz, S. Gonzi, A. Schmalwieser, J. Schreder

43.   Comparison of satellite-derived and ground-based measurement of erythemal ultraviolet radiation at Reading (page 187)
S. Buntoung and A.R. Webb

44.   A comparison between Erythemal Daily Dose retrievals from YES broadband radiometer and OMI data at Rome station (page 189)
I. Ialongo, A. M. Siani, G. R. Casale and M. Cacciani

45.   UV irradiance and UV biological resources over the globe (page 191)
N. Chubarova

46.   The UV Information Service of the GSE Project PROMOTE (page 193)
R. Meerkötter and F. Flore

Session 8                                 UV reconstruction techniques

47.   Modeling of UV Spectra with the Help of Neural Networks (page 207)
Michal Janouch, Ladislav Metelka

48.   UV Index estimation from global radiation and total ozone observations in Azores (page 209)
F. Carvalho, D. Henriques, P. Fialho

49.   UV reconstruction with long time series global radiation measurements (page 211)
A. Curylo, J. Krzyscin, B. Bogdanska