Stelios Kazadzis

Senior Scientist Tel.         +41 58 467 5137
E-Mail:    name.name@pmodwrc.ch

Secretariat   Tel.         +41 58 467 5111

Fax   Fax.        +41 58 467 5100

Dorfstrasse 33
CH-7260 Davos Dorf

Internet   www.pmodwrc.ch

Travelling to WORCC and PMOD/WRC

By Train   

General train timetables and ticket prices can be found on the Swiss Federal Railway homepage www.sbb.ch

Click here for a timetable to WORCC, Davos.

By Car

If you are travelling from Zürich by car, take the A13 motorway to Chur. Before reaching Chur, take the Landquart exit. The road to Davos is indicated.

An interactive satellite and road map can be navigated at mapsearch.ch

Click here for a map of WORCC and Davos.

Accomodation   Davos Tourist Office

Information on accomodation and online reservations can be made at:  Davos Tourist Office


WORCC, PMOD/WRC, Dorfstrasse 33, Davos Dorf
CH-7260, Switzerland, Tel. +41 58 467 5137


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