AOD Quality Control and Data Hierarchy

Schematic of data hierarchy at WORCC

  • Level 1. Logger specific raw data are periodically downloaded over a physical link to a PC located at the GAW station and transmitted via internet to WORCC where they are archived as monthly files.

  • Level 2. Daily files of quality controlled measurements including station and instrument-specific meta data. Quality control covers instrument status, solar pointing accuracy and cloud screening. Level 2 files are the basic data units suitable for self-consistent evaluation of AOD results or Langley calibration runs. Level-2 files are produced by standardised software that issues diagnostic messages as a result of quality control.

  • Level 3. Daily files of AOD results including summary data in meta header are produced on a monthly basis at WORCC. Additional quality control is performed manually on monthly results in order to detect unusual situations and to resolve or clarify them in collaboration with station operators.

  • Quality Assured hourly AOD available as a yearly file including basic statistics. Quality assurance covers a posteriori calibration of the PFR instrument and reprocessing of Level 3 data using linear interpolation of calibration when required, as well as manual inspection of potential outliers identified by statistical analysis.

  • Data as of Level 3 are available at the World Data Center for Aerosols (WDCA) or upon request from WORCC.

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