PFR Travelling Standard (TSD) - Specifications


The WORCC PFR Travelling Standard is a small compact instrument and can be set-up within several hours. Instrument manuals and a brief summary of infrastructure requirements/data transfer procedures are described below.

PFR Travelling Standard installation instructions (150 kB)

EKO STR-22 manual (1.5 MB)

Summary of infra-structure requirements

Power 240 V AC within 10 – 15 m of the PFR (universal power unit accepts 85 - 260 VAC at 47 - 400 Hz.
Sheltered Lab Room for a PC laptop within 20 m of the PFR.
Outdoor location A 50 x 50 cm area with unrestricted view towards the sun, and with a concrete or solid base for the tracker feet.

Instrument specifications

Sun-Tracker EKO STR-22
Serial Nos. S07064.05
Weight 15 kg
Sun-Photometer PMOD PFR Nos. N52
Accronym TSD_ N52
Weight 2.8 kg
Instrument Electronic Control Box
Serial Nos. -
Weight 10 kg
PC Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad T61
Serial Nos. -
Weight 3 kg

Data Access

In order to monitor the PFR status and download data, we recommend either of the following 2 methods for which internet access would be required.

  • Our PC laptop can send daily data files via ftp to our server (ftp.pmodwrc.ch). This simple solution avoids possible problems with Firewalls.

  • The Travelling Standard has a Campbell Ethernet Network card which is connected to a Campbell datalogger. If you can give us a dedicated IP address and access through your Firewall, then data can be downloaded by our data acquisition computer at WORCC on an hourly basis.

PFR Travelling Standard
shown on right with EKO
Tracker. Click to enlarge.

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