Precision Filter Radiometer (PFR) Specifications

PFRs are designed and built at the PMOD/WRC. Specifications are briefly listed below, while full details can be found in the PFR User Manual. Please contact Mr. Manfred Gyo to discuss your requirements.

  • Automated, solar spectral radiometer 4 simultaneous channels at 368, 412, 500 and 862 nm using IAD interference filters.

  • Field of view ± 1.25°, slope angle ± 0.7°.

  • Dimensions: 89 Ø x 390 mm in length, mass 3 kg.

  • Continuous measurements at a 1-minute frequency.

  • Optical sensor kept at 20 ± 0.1°C (over the range –20 to 35°C); internal shutter to prevent degredation of filter and optical sensor; airtight housing flushed with dry nitrogen.

  • Built-in sun pointing and barometric sensors.

  • Data logger (15 bits resolution) with a 30-day storage capacity. Automated, local data download.


Schematic cross-section through a PFR instrument.


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